Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chocolate macarons

First post of 2012 it is! although the first month has already swiftly passed.... It has been SUCH a busy month - exams, birthdays, events and just random bits and bobs. Nevertheless, I got some baking going, and guess what? - I've started in some big macaron craving!! They have always tasted ever so wonderful especially seeing the different colours and flavours in Waitrose or Sainsbury's but I have never had the idea of making them...until now!

 These macaroons got my head scratching as I knew they were the difficult ones to handle. I have heard various things - don't under-mix your batter, don't over-mix the batter, make sure a "skin" has formed before baking them in the oven etc.. etc.. Oh well, at least these tips haven't put me off yet!

I decided to go with the good 'ole chocolate flavour to start with and decided to sandwich them with nutella. So I started on my macaroon journey. I researched and googled, research and googled until I think I have found the most trustworthy chocolate macaron recipe.  it's all worth the fuss because my macaroons actually looked like macarons on my first attempt!! Overjoyed, I didn't even care if I had to leave them for 24 hours before eating them. And oh my, I could taste all my effort in just a bite of it. And to end this post? I love macarons.

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