Friday, 30 January 2015

cafe eterno

the christmas spirit seems to have all worn off, though recently i received some photos following an event i helped out with back in december.

on a typically british cold tuesday, i had the opportunity to take part in helping out at cafe eterno, the cutest cafe in covent garden run by the london city mission, a christian organisation.

the aim of this evening was to share the gospel and good news of jesus over hot drinks and cookies with friends and strangers passing by. we also set up a stall outside the cafe, battled the cold and challenged the public to hand out a free hot drink to another stranger on the streets, as it is "more blessed to give than to receive" (our motto of the evening).

it was such a beautiful evening singing and performing christmas carols and other songs with my sister and friends. filled with laughter and joy in this little corner in london, the true meaning of christmas was shared.

feel free to visit the cafe and the friendly people who serve there. also find out more about the soho outreach team who aims to spread the love of God in the heart of london here.

post signature*all photos sourced from the NSC outreach page

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

london photoshoot: colour searching.

the following three pictures were taken in covent garden, a little place called neal street. it was initially a place i found on pinterest as i browsed some photoshoot locations around london. kelly happened to know where it was so we stopped by for some colourful photos!

chilling in tate modern
london architecture

the golden light

read more about our photoshoot here, here, here and here!

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Saturday, 17 January 2015


half price platters at 'slug and lettuce' with suzy

family meals on new years day

putting the selfie stick into good use

mastering the perfect photography angle

crispy cold sixth form days

moving into our new kitchen aka lots of cleaning to be done!

baking pistachio and nutella macaroons and enjoying a girly sleepover and catch up time

matching coats with anna. 

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Insta-Thursty: Week 19

beautiful colours on a sunday morning

baking gingerbread hands and feet with my girls for christmas church celebrations!

christmas polaroids

first baked goods in our new kitchen - chocolate and vanilla marbled cupcakes, made without kitchen scales!

scrummiest dessert time with suzy.

winter wonderland craziness and reunion with my old school friends

reminiscing the highlights of 2014 on new years eve - gotta be croatia!
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Monday, 12 January 2015

winter wonderland

i am definitely still wishing it was the christmas season and that i wasn't sitting at a computer typing up my 5000 word essay. i got a chance to meet up with my old school friends during the christmas break and instead of meeting our tradition of hanging out in kingston, we decided to venture out to the festivities of winter wonderland.

gotta love photobombers.

sure enough it was festive, for everyone was flocking to hyde park and even getting on the tube was a struggle with so many people!

nonetheless, we were so excited by the massive christmas tree, the sweet smelling scent of nutella crepes and a gazillion rides whirling people around!

it was such a cute catch up and a time to free ourselves from the busy schedules of school and work. though the weather was bitterly chilly and windy, our hearts were definitely warmed with our laughters and conversations

winter sunsets occur around 4pm these days so it was a real shame it was getting dark so quickly!

^^ and here's my three kids playing on a little spinny ride! did i ever mention i can't deal with rides that spin you round? my childhood was ruined by the fact i can't withstand a teacup ride!

^^ of course, the obligatory photo under the winter wonderland sign!

and here's a little bus journey selfie to commemorate the blasts we had! i'm definitely missing these girls will be so different when we leave to different places for university...maybe even miles apart!

post signature^^beautiful sun setting in london
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