Monday, 18 June 2012

Hearty Macarons for a hearty person.......

*warning: this may be a rare, long post with a few couple more images than usual. enjoy anyhow!

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing dad!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his support and care, especially when I get frustrated in not getting the sponge light enough or when my cheesecakes taste so bad that they would have to be chucked away. But no matter what, he would defo taste a bite or gimme a satisfying comment, you know - for a bit of encouragement and so and so. Mind you, I don't even know if his tummy aches are to do with any of the new recipes I have dug out and made a real mess of - eeeeeeeeeeeekk. 

Anyhow, I have made attempted to make heart macarons for this joyous day! Chocolate macarons were the first batch I had been successful with in the macaron world, and it was all thanks to my daddy who had encouraged me to get another pack of ground almonds the day after I had an utter fail the first time. 

Thanks dad, as I wouldn't be writing up this post if I had already given up on these beauties. 

So here they are! My attempt. I'm pretty sure I can't handle more than just piping macarons in a heart shape and eating them but I wanted to create something extra special for someone so amazingly special. They may not be the perfect heart shape or match up with their partner cookies, but its always the thought that counts, right?!

I mean, even if they aren't an even number, they are always great as single cookies placed in a scoop of ice cream.......

..........Or even a bowl of ice cream with a few extra scoops......and all the ice cream essentials (sprinkles, choc chips and toffee sauce)

Oh the hearty goodness that is bursting in that baby ramekin :O

an utter sugar high.

For the recipe and AMAZING tips for macarons (trust me on this one) go onto Brave Tart here! You're bound to have success even if it is your first time in the macaron world!

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