Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Rainbow Rainbow Chiffon Birthday Cake

I don't really know why, but I felt the urge to assemble a long detailed tutorial on one of my favourite top-notch cakes - The Rainbow Chiffon. I last posted about this combazzled smash-up of colours here but last week, I decided to take this on further and make it into a "proper" birthday cake. 

This cake is one with many-a-flavours. Vanilla, pandan and the good ole' choc. I have decided to frost this cake with Angel Delight, a whipped dessert. It originally came across me to use this creamy treat as a frosting when I saw the idea of using Cool Whip being used in an American recipe. It turned out amazing - Angel Delight using milk as its main ingredient means that it won't be too heavy and as sweet as buttercream or other so and so's. *Brill* What's more, Angel Delight is incredibly cheap and I find it the best to use when I have to finish up a cake quickly and easily (even at someone else's house!) - all you need is milk! *Double brill*
So to make this...... 
You will need: 
about 2 packs of Angel Delight
some sweets to decorate the cake with

First of all, make the Angel Delight. I recommend putting half of the amount of milk it states on the instructions and then gradually building up with the liquid, as you don't want it to be as runny as it normally would as a dessert. Just make sure it can still form peaks.

Next, slice up the cake horizontally as you would normally do to fill up a cake with extra goodness. And also to find that the marbled cake is formed of blotches everywhere.

Spread the filling generously over the half....

.....and sandwich it. Noticing the extra bits that squelches out at the same time.

Cover all sides with the frosting.

And then scream when you have suddenly run out of the gorgeous whipped grub. Make some more and slap it all on, remembering to do the hole in the middle too.

Finally, decorate with sweeties. Please note: using skittles like I have done, is a bad idea. Trust. The colouring starts coming off and your cake will become a disaster!!!! Use chocolate, marshmallows or even fizzers instead. You don't want to find colour dripping down the sides of a neatly frosted cake when you open the fridge - it just shows the many "unhealthy" colourings incorporated I suppose!

I guess I was just that little bit over the top with the rainbows, the colours have exploded into a.....messy mess?

I have chosen to spell out her name on the cake, in addition to her fake age.....just to make her happier with the fact that she is still quite young. ;)

And here it is! A rainbow rainbow chiffon birthday cake!

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