Tuesday, 22 July 2014


the summer heat is already kicking in and as soon as you step out of the house, it's humidity and sticky air all round. i was speaking to a friend of mine this morning, who's in hong kong for a holiday. apparently the 32C england weather today does not compare to the weather there! i asked her what hk meant; she replied with "humidity kingdom". hmmm, debatable.

carrots, smoky cheese and salmon salad with garlic mayonnaise.

it's become so hot as of lately that i've decided to abandon my usual cookies and snacks and opt for some refreshing salad instead! i guess the chocolate digestives were just too much to handle in this heat. ah man, i've always wondered what would get me to eat healthier. 

seeing as school is (nearly!) drawing to a close, i've found i'm getting less and less work these days hoorah! as a result, i've decided to set up another instagram account to post less of the usual met-up-with-my-good-friend-today-pictures, but ones which would allow me to develop my creative flair. follow me if you like @lifeofhevs!

as i've mentioned in my previous post, these polaroid selfies can end up being disastrous for some and making sure everyone fits in can be chaotic, trust me. although i must say, the beauty of a polaroid camera is not knowing how your picture will turn out until it develops (particularly selfies!), but to minimise the risks of people getting upset about non-photoshopable photos of them, i've invested in a clever click-on mirror for taking people at their best angles ;)

here's to the 1st anniversary of the Chinese Association for Cancer Care this month! i've been busily helping out with catering and welcome, as well as meeting new people at this event. the tv crew also popped by! now let's see if i've made it into the camera........

as summer is drawing nearer, everyone seems to be in the holiday high and working low. here's a snap of when my headteacher decided to get us to fold letters and post it to local residents during our economics lesson. seems like he's not in the mood for education either. 

and last but not least: the best monday i've had in a while! i dropped by brighton with my friend to escape the rains of london and by whatta contrast the beach weather was! of course, you can't resist a good ole fish and chips by the sea ;)

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