Monday, 5 January 2015

new year, new me.

one of my happiest and most treasured moment in 2014. read about my trip to croatia here, here and here!
firstly, happy new year! and merry christmas, for the record.
though certainly my blog doesn't seem to be as festive as other blogs worldwide, i can tell you i've been utterly drowned in this christmas season! - the food, the laughter and banter, the games and family time. it's been so perfect despite not having completed any work i hoped to do.

anyhow, as it has been trending, "new year, new me" is perhaps the most commonly quoted phrase when entering january as people start hopping out of the festivities and dropping back to reality.

going with the flow, i decided to set myself a few goals though i'm not sure how long these will last at all. after lunching with my friend and deciding i need some sortta structure for the next 365 days, i went home and came up with the following:

1) drink more H2O particles i.e. water. if you know me well enough, i clearly do not consume enough water as much as i'm with the looking-after-my-body trend. a better me starts with a healthier body so lets start with topping up my flashing hydration levels baby!

2) as cheesy as it sounds, go run. in all honesty, since sports was no longer compulsory after year 10, i have done absolutely no sports. except exercising my finger muscles when i type. bought my first pair of running shoes last night....must. use. to. the. max.

3) ok, everyone says this, but work even harder. in simpler form, stop procrastination!!! or at least lessen it. c'mon gurl, you got uni requirements to meet this year!

4) my relationship with God - work on it! water it and nurture it through discovering the treasures of the bible and speaking to him

5) up my game with this blog. its clearly getting somewhere but i want to make it one of my greatest accomplishments this year.

6) family. always so important to me. i aspire to work on some random acts of kindness and grow my patience with these people who are more than just human beings.

a year is not long or short. use it wisely to strive to be a better person. make new friends, new jokes, capture many more memories and treasure past memories.

here's to an even better, wackier and CrAzIeR yearrrrrrrrr

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  1. I love the fact that you have so realistic goals!
    Water is really important and I wish you good luck with your blog ♥ xx, Veni

    Style with Veni | Fashion Blog


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