Tuesday, 24 February 2015

top 5 instagram accounts

if you know me well or have been hanging around here for quite a while, you would know my obsession with instagram. this little app which lets you capture the beauty of this world and instantly share it with your friends.
i first got instagram way way back when it wasn't even a thing. however the pace at which it has evolved has now made it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world; capturing beauty and sharing beauty - i like the sound of that.
i love this app and the way other users can inspire you to stretch your limits in your photography with simply the camera built in your phone. no fancy equipment. no fancy lens. the downfall of this app is perhaps it's much too addictive and i'm somehow always scrolling through throughout the day..

here are some of the most beautiful accounts i've been loving lately!

@heysp: her creativity with stuff, things, and objects.

@garrypeppergirl: her whimsical adventures and travels

@denisebovee: her beautiful lifestyle, darling girls and cats

@bonnietsang: her famous avocado toasts, poached eggs and coffee

@dorkyanil: his foodstagram is just the best.

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and last but not least, you can find me over at @hevs_ !!

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