Wednesday, 21 December 2016

the fam comes to soton.

it's always nice to see some familiar faces from home once in a while. as i had been too busy to visit london, the fam decided to come visit me on a sunday so we could have lunch, catch up and go to church together. to kick start our day, we dined at a vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

after church, we chilled at mine and unloaded a car's worth of stuff that my parents brought back for me. this included tubs of food and my trusty cajon drum which i can now use to serve at church.

my sister fancied my fairy lights and made me take some 'indie' pictures for her.

for dinner, we headed for some traditional chinese food on the most asian street in southampton. the street is literally a length of chinese restaurants and takeaways targeted at all the international students! all you gotta do is eat when you're with your parents.

when dropping me back home, we found that the house opposite me was on fire. smoke was gushing out of the door and before long, all the students down my road were busy snap chatting it. the fire brigade came to the rescue of course, and the students living at the house had no doubt lost their deposit!

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