Thursday, 23 August 2012


Breakfast. I guess it's easy to shove a slice of bread in a toaster and have a simple breakfast, and then starve to death 2 hours later....but I have recently come to realise how hard making a good breakfast really is. I know, it sounds stupid and all, but I find it reallyyyyy annoying cooking up a full English breakfast, especially when waking up at the last minute I can stay in bed for and rushing around the house looking for this and that. Hence, it has been on my to-do list for quite some time. It's easy for some people, let's say to actually bother busting out a frying pan and cracking an egg, and seasoning it, and mix it all up, and actually cooking it to make an omelette. AND there's also the extra washing up unlike the odd knife from buttering your toast. I can go all day long about this until my next breakfast to be honest with you.

So let's get into the main point...
On a very rare occasion, I got woken up by a streak of light yesterday from the early sun through a crack of a curtain. For some odd reason, I could not get back to sleep, even knowing it was 5:30 am. You read that right, 5:30 in the morning. As it happens to most (well me anyway), we see the sunset more than sunrise. I happen to sit on the window ledge this morning, staring at the unfamiliar face of a sunrise. Apart from how beautiful it looked, it somehow reminded me of the sun in telletubies o_O.

Anyhow, the whole house still being asleep and the sun already rising and shining, I had this brilliant idea of making a nice healthy breakfast with lots of bacon and a tablespoon of baked beans. Only to realise, we had run out of bacon from lunch and baked beans, well let's just say not enough was stocked up. I ended up making a traditional cheese on toast. And with that idea clicked in mind and hearing my early riser dad making his way down, I set to a rare making of a healthy breakfast. I managed to scavage some plump strawberries too; into our breakfast menu they go....

So here we have it, a table for two; munched up in the early hours of..7:30 am when I would usually still be snoring. It's progress I'd say......into...well, making breakfast.

And I felt it had went so well that I decided to make breakfast this morning. With bacon this time.

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