Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mid-autumn Festival - 中秋節

It was mid-autumn festival last Sunday. Also known as mooncake festival for all those who adore mooncake.

mid-autumn festival dinner

It is a tradition followed by Chinese people where families would come together and have an a-maaazing meal. And I mean amazing. Maybe that is also why dinner wasn't cooked by me!

Lobster noodles :P

In fact, none of the food you see in the whole post was made by me! It was all thanks to my grandparents who are the best chefs in the family. To name a few there was lobster noodles, tofu, duck and chicken. 

Lobster noodles :P

To finish off, there was mooncake of course!


They are traditionally filled with a lotus bean paste but a talented friend of ours made some gorgeous mooncakes with a variety of fillings including coconut!


Happy mid-autumn festival.

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