Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Firstly for your time and effort
Secondly for your prayers
Thirdly for everything you've done to help us get closer to God.

During the weekend, I had busied myself; cooking up a storm in the kitchen to say thanks to my Sunday school teacher as she will be leaving my class and committing herself to other areas of work.

Contributing towards our thank-you-surprise-do for her, I planned to bake an orange flavoured sponge along with a refreshing buttercream. You like the bunting? I thought it added a nice bit of colour to it!

I believe the sponge was quite a success - soft and fluffy. You could even taste the zestiness from the orange! In the middle of the cake, I layered a thick dashing of orange buttercream and then crumbled on some roughly-bashed chocolate digestives. Gives more of a crunch in the buttery softness :P

I've got to say though, the bad side of this is that I didn't realise how small the cake was - not only was there the entire class but also other people who have come following the aroma of hot, sizzling KFC.

The top of the cake is colourfully sprinkled with a bit of dolly mixture and some bashed-up fizzies. And contrasting with this, I've got the elegance of some "lady finger" sponges wrapped around the edge.

And woah-ho-ho-ho....look at the rest of our food....KFC anyone?!

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