Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Although we have already stretched into five days of 2013, I would still like to wish all my readers a very happy new year. I am also extremely sorry for not even have been able to log on to blog and say merry Christmas due to the endless preparation to kick off Christmas parties and gatherings. I had originally planned to share some fudge sticks and marshmallow snowmen I had made as gifts but did not get round to it unfortunately. However, if you had been following me on instagram, I have shared a few of my Christmas bits and bobs already. But fear not, as this post will be packed full, as I share my fun from Christmas to new year!

Starting with these little goodies, I made around 50 marshmallow snowmen and wrapped them each in cellophane paper and handed them on-the-go as I went to various meet ups. These are oh-so-simple to make and are great for little helpers to join in, even if it's to test some candy.

Chocolate wise, I whizzed up some fudge with an extremely simple recipe that I will post up later on. It involves no baking and only took me around 20 minutes to make (minus the time for it to set).

The next day when it has firmed up, I cut them into little blocks and inserted wooden spoons. I then signed each spoon and wrapped them up in cellophane paper with the help of my sister.

On-the-go presents, done.

As I haven't been keeping up my insta-thursty's very much, here are a few during my Christmas!

My marshmallow snowmen in-the-wrapping!

A beautiful Christmas eve sunset...

...followed by a striking Christmas day sunset

Taken in Kingston whilst having lunch with mummy

Korean dining with my cousins for New years eve

Hot pot with my family and cousins
Now on to Christmas day...

The Christmas dinner had to be taken but not enough justice was given as there were lots more food to this mini feast!

Dessert was like a second party after the turkey and sprouts. I had the honour of baking a cheesecake and decorated it with chocolate trees and marshmallow snowmen from the extra Christmas presents. The mini sponge cakes were baked by my amazing auntie who is a baking queen. And about the chocolate was bought from Sainsbury's just in case the cheesecake flopped there wasn't enough dessert for everyone.

There's a recipe to follow up from this orange and chocolate cheesecake so stay tuned! And I am also sincerely sorry for the photobomb from the poor toy left on the sofa, as I hurriedly snapped a few photographs before the cake was whisked away to be sliced. Couldn't help but show what a lovely and heart-warming family gathering it was!

And last but certainly not least, new years!

We spent the day with my cousin, playing games and chill-axing at home. In the evening, we went out for another Korean meal after nobody was bothered to cook dinner feeling the grove for a spicy kick.

I have got to say, I was extremely impressed with this restaurant - the food was sooooo good and the price was very reasonable too! 

We had enjoyed the meal so very much and I've got to say, these dumplings had to be my favourite of the evening!

Pancakes were always a yes from us, so they were also considered a must-have everytime.

Unfortunately, this great tasting dish was too spicy for my taste buds to handle so I couldn't have too much of it. However, my dad as a lover for all things spicy absolutely sucked right up to this!

This little bibimbap was simply amazing. A must-eat on our next Korean dining!

This soup looked so spicy and I had wondered whether my cousin was telling the truth when she said that it was not spicy at all. From this, note to self: never judge a soup by its appearance.

And to end this New years dinner, a bit of a dodgy photo that was taken under the pressure that I should hurry up and start distributing the mouth-watering noodles.

Finally, wishing everyone an extremely happy and wonderful new year! And if you're wondering how I got such an excellent view, please thank the television ;)

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