Thursday, 24 January 2013

Insta-Thursty: week 7

This week has been an extremely chilly one - the snow has dusted over London! And with that, many plans had to be changed including late starts and early finishes for school woohooo!

I have not been instagram-ing much this week except brave the cold, but will share a few photos of the snowy landscape from our little Sunday walk and a quick snap for the 365 photo challenge :)

We took the bunnies out, just for a quick photo, nothing cruel ;) I'm sure they would have preferred it to be snowing carrots rather than snowflakes though!

I love this picture - a classic snow-day-fun


Love the white specks against her dark coat :)

a snap from our little walk
My Smarties hand.

365 photo challenge - nuts



  1. So much snow! And that photo with the bunny in the snow is too freaking cute!


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