Thursday, 14 February 2013


For valentines day, I decided to share a few things that I love. The most obvious ones are probably my friends and family, food, my love for photography and just enjoying life overall. But I'm going to think on a deeper level.....

I love food because it brings everyone around the table and food generally makes people feel happy. I love to see everyone happy.

I love photography because it lets my creative mind flow. But on top of that, it allows me to freeze many memories that could be forgotten if I didn't press that button on my camera. I'm not a pro at all, or have the fanciest of cameras. I don't mind though, I could be snapping pictures off my phone and see it as another favourite memory from my life.

I love my friends and family. This sounds cliché, but they're always there for me, always there for laughs and always love me so much. Oh, and life wouldn't be the same without them.

say hi to kelly over here!

I love to enjoy life, the life given by my heavenly father. I really enjoy travelling: if only I was rich enough, had plenty of time and had no exams. But this is life. Life is this. And you know what? I love it!
I have a lot of homework to do, but I'm also eating mum's pudding at the same time.... I'm going to school, but I'm being surrounded by friends who I absolutely love.... I'm not lucky enough to be able to travel the world, but I'm ever so lucky to have a warm, cosy home.... I'm not rich, or am I the smartest on the universe, but I am loved by God.

I love being Chinese. It must be the food.... And the bonuses that come with it....celebrations, festivals, culture... Did I mention the great invention of noodles?

I love DIY-ing. It's a favourite past time....along with baking...and photography. As a girl born to hoard rubbish and make new things out of it, you'll constantly see me on pinterest, scouring for ideas to pin to my rather large DIY board. I love it because it makes the old become new, the torn become beautiful. And it makes me and everyone around me happy.

I love God. God is love. I can turn to him when I'm sad, worried, happy, angry, scared, joyful, confused.....whenever. I feel so so blessed to have a father who is so loving.

Who or what do YOU love?

Happy Valentines! X

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