Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake Day!

 The last time I posted about pancake day was quite a while ago...times when I...wasn't that into blogging. This year's pancake day didn't go much as planned - the fridge was leaning towards empty and the amount of work I had meant I had literally forgot about pancake day until yesterday *thank you facebook*. What I was lucky to do though, was scour pinterest for some last minute pancake ideas. Happy was I when I discovered the two-ingredient-pancake-recipe. Life = saved.

According to the recipe, all you needed was an egg and a banana (if you were to halve the recipe for just a few pancakes). I didn't really believe it to be honest. But I decided to give it a go since I'll be going without pancakes otherwise. I pimped it up with some chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips, a dash of cinnamon, a tablespoon of ground almonds and a pinch of baking powder.

It turned out alright. More pancake-y than expected. I did have a bit of trouble flipping them over as the banana and choc chips weren't that much of a friend with the pan. Nonetheless, I made enough pancakes for myself!
They tasted a bit like pancakes with mashed banana in it, DUH - bananas are the main ingredient. But who would have ever thought you could flip up a few pancakes with just an egg and a banana? Well yeah, someone obviously did.

 Happy Pancake Day!

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