Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY: A party through the mail

DIY: party through the mail -

Rainbows make me oh-so-happy, and I'm sure anyone who receives a rainbow through their letterbox (found here) would smile with much more glee! One of my good friends has moved to California and it is a shame I cannot party with her here and now.

DIY: party through the mail -

To solve this, I decided to pack a party into an envelope and send it to her across to the other side of the world. (Oh, and I had so much fun editing this one! - I love the effect of a spectrum of colours and the glow from the rainbow :))

DIY: party through the mail -

Every party must need balloons. I shoved a few in a large envelope - some metallic, pearly ones and some with "16" marked  on them.

DIY: party through the mail -

Party bag games like sliding puzzles are a must too - especially for 16 year olds. sarcasm if you thought i was actually being serious ;) Party blowers and chocolate were happily thrown in... 

DIY: party through the mail -

I also brought some angel delight - I don't think they're very common on american pudding shelves, I'm not sure on that one; but I'm certain she would appreciate some classic british goods :P I folded an origami heart to package in some love, along with a pink candle for the celebratory mood and the rainbow birthday "card". And here's my party in an envelope, ready to be mailed off!

Happy sweet 16 hun! x

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