Thursday, 25 April 2013

another very hard goodbye...

I'm terribly sad to share with you the news that Midnight had passed away yesterday. She has been such an amazing rabbit to me, and I'm sure she's been awesome to her sister Charcoal too.

She was......

 a "full of surprises" girl

one who liked to spring clean by the daffodils

quite the mischievous girl who snuck around in various places - the evidence was always on the nose! 

a lazy, chilled out one who was a friend with the sun 

a muncher for all things green

and just a beautiful, beautiful girl. You'll always be missed my love! 
Millions of kisses to you from earth to heaven.

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p.s. I know it's supposed to be insta-thursty today, but there was too much going on this week that I'll have to make next week a double! Stay tuned :)


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