Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Few weeks ago, I had the greatest pleasure of going on a mini photo shoot with one of my great friends Kelly.

We've been planning this for so long and finally found "the" day around our busy schedules. We hiked all around London that day - going from St. James' Park, to the Victoria and Albert Museum, to Hyde Park.

^Isn't the light just gorgeous in the V&A?! Added bonus was  it was so quiet that day as everyone preferred to bathe in the rare sun!^

Knowing the deceiving British sun, we were so surprised this awesome weather sustained pretty much throughout the day!

Although our original plan was shooting the colours and graphics of Brick Lane, it was too time consuming to travel all the way. But brush that aside, we managed to visit far more places as a result and I don't regret one single bit!

^ had soooooo much fun exploring with light and shadows^

It was such a perfect day - sprinkles of laughters and topped with sushi for lunch. How great was it that it wasn't as hustle and bustle as I had thought?!

And how bouts THIS for a hair swishing photo! 
Thanks Kelly for such an amazing day!!! 

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