Monday, 23 June 2014

"tol tol" reunion

Few weeks back, I had a little reunion with some of my best friends in my secondary school. Although we don't have the privilege of learning and studying together anymore, I'm so grateful I will know these girls for life and thank God for the lively impact they have had during my secondary school years.

We had such a blast catching up and joking in our usual banter language that no one else seems to understand. We stopped by at Slug and Lettuce, ordering masses of food and gobbling it down with laughter.

^^overwhelmed by food of course^^

After lunch, we stopped by the river for a nice walk and some polaroids in the sun.

^^I lurrrrve the crystal effect of the ripples against this most elegant looking swan!^^

^^busying herself with looking her best^^

^^and last but not least, polaroids to mark our living bant!^^

Thanks girls for such an amazing day, glad to have known every single one of you and for helping me survive education.

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