Monday, 6 October 2014

Banana chiffon cake

mmhmmm. have i got the perfect banana cake recipe to share with all you monkeys! (haha?)
i've always loved chiffon cakes over western butter cakes, though they're both cakes, and cakes are good, therefore i don't really have a strong argument. 

anyhow, chiffons are typically known (and admired) for their wonderfully light texture and springiness as they are formed by the whipping of egg whites, making it a popular choice for traditional chinese cakes.

if you've been following long enough, you would've realised my love for these cakes. i don't have a proper oven to bake with after our oven popped one time baking bread, and we discovered the halogen oven (a kinda portable mini oven) with which my mum decided was enough for her to make sunday roast with. 

i, on the other hand found it was utter useless with baking butter sponges and western cakes with, hence been focusing on experimenting with chiffons as part of my baking adventures. (rainbow chiffon, pandan, sweet potato, orange, strawberry and green tea)

they are, however, also known for the technicality of their bake. although, once you've grasped the method, you'll be roaring and experimenting with various flavours! they say use ripe bananas for proper, intense monkey flavour. but who cares about the degree of banana ripeness if at the end of the day you get this?!?!?: 


here's the link to the recipe! it worked wonders for me first time round :) 

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  1. those food makes me hungry! hope we can follow each other! much love. ♥♥♥

  2. Looks yummy. xa

  3. Ummm look so yummy! Banana chiffon cake sounds like a good idea :) xo akiko
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  4. This looks so yum yum !:)
    Maybw we could follow eachother ?

  5. it looks so yummy!

  6. thanks for the follow dear, followed back and keep in touch! ♥

  7. Thanks for sharing link to recipe, I have to try this :)

  8. That must be so yammy haha I'll give it a try!
    I'm following you on gfc,hope you'll follow back so we can keep in touch :) xx, Veni

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  9. I love this recipe! I have such a sweet tooth, so a lighter cake like this would be good for me hahah. Love your blog, following you on pinterest, bloglovin & google friend connect/GFC! :)

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