Friday, 17 October 2014

Cheesy Egg Pots

eggs have always been a favourite food of mine. and so has cheese. so when i discovered these beauties, my heart skipped a beat! i've always loved the idea of making nice healthy breakfasts every morning, and pretend i do in my head when i start pinning breakfast photos on pinterest. but the choice between the snooze button and a good breakfast.......i mean...

anyhow, this post isn't to brag about how much i enjoy my sleep, but rather admiring these creamy pots. they sure have the health factor (handful of spinach, come on!) and they sure have the cheeeeeese factor!
feel free to change up the bases of these egg pots and put your own spin on it!

the flavour of the tomato purée came out the most when diving into this, probably because it's got a much stronger taste than the cheese i used. perhaps sprinkle some extra cheddar or mozzarella if you fancy a cheesier flavour and some tanginess. 

life has been busy lately with the building of our house extension, and we're now left with no hob and no sink. thankfully, i still have a halogen oven (almost a portable oven type gadget thing), so am able to at least cook up something scrummy for breakfast!! (oh, what a perfect time to decide not to snooze in!)

Cheesy Egg Pots - makes 3

45g cooked spinach
1 slice ham
1 tomato
3 eggs
30g cream cheese with chives
3 tablespoons natural yoghurt
Salt and pepper to season

1. Layer your chopped tomato, ham/pepperoni and spinach at the bottom of the ramekins
2. crack one egg into each ramekin
3. divide the cream cheese and yoghurt amongst each ramekin
4. bake at 160C fan/180 for about 15 mins
5. season and serve hot!
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  1. They look yummy!

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  2. Yummy
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  5. This looks very delicious! I enjoyed this one a lot.

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  6. It looks very good! :) Nice pictures!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    x vonyll

  7. love all ur recipes ,,, though u r young but ur cooking skills are impressive ,,


  8. wow this looks so so so delicious!!! and yes I have the same issue... waking up earling and making a healthy yummy breakfast or sleeping into until I have exactly 15 mins to get out of the door? lol this recipe looks easy and so good! I can't wait to try it! I hope the home renovations are going great. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m following you on Instagram, I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch.



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