Tuesday, 2 December 2014

how i spent my black friday.

who would've thought inset day (teacher training day, simply meaning no school!) would fall rigggght onto black friday?! i really do commend whoever set my inset days this year. instead of shopping first thing in the morning, i decided to tag along with my fellow law-student-wannabe, suzy, to........

....the royal courts of justice!! and who else would've thought i would be so productive on a day free from education?! they say the people you hang around with really does influence you, and they may well be right on this one.

after having our bag checks and going through security, we were free (well not quite) to roam around the court and listen to any cases listed. we both went 'wow' at the thought we just entered the royal courts without even had any legal training or our presence being necessary at this place. 
nevertheless, we thought it would do us good to get some experience before studying law and so went to hear a case about commercial law.

it was quick however for us to turn around and remember that we were so close to the black friday sales so after an hour or so headed out to covent garden. the christmas spirit was ripe and blooming. check out the lego santa claus and reindeer!

we decided to lunch at slug and lettuce and went for the brave ultimate platter between just the two of us. wowzas, we must've been hungry for we cleared that in seconds! we paraded to oxford street to grab some offers only to find everywhere was absolutely packed full of people! unfortunately suzy had a driving lesson too so we headed back.

luckily for me though, black friday didn't quite end here! my friends happened to be at my local shopping centre so i went to go meet them where it was much much more chilled and less packed. glad to have picked up some bargains in the end ;)

also, the obligatory christmas lights and tree photo. ^

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  1. The food looks yum!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day :) London is so amazing at Christmas time, love the lego santa and reindeer! x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. the place looks great, with all the tempting food. U seem to be enjoying !!


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