Sunday, 7 December 2014

london photoshoot: river bank.

continuing on with the photoshoot around london with kelly.... if you missed part 1, visit here!

this set of pictures were taken by southbank along the river thames. as much as it was a ince chilly, we braved the cold and i couldn't be more pleased with how the pictures turned out!

this was such an enjoyable location to shoot at with its industrial elements and mossy greens. not having shot anywhere like this before, we had such a blast experimenting with different angles and compositions.

it happened that i bought along my dad's old film camera that day so we snapped a few with it - can't wait till i drop it off to get it developed!


these images were taken below a bridge hence we made full use of the beautifully rusty beams and planks of wood, not to mention no one really stops under a bridge by southbank, so we bagged this area for a while and came out with these amazing shots!

and to top it all off, a beautiful spot with the river in the background (hi mr seagull!)

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  2. Lovely place, beautiful pics and cool sweater!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


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  3. Heather, I absolutely love these pictures. Can't wait to see how your film shots come out!


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