Tuesday, 24 March 2015


it's ma burrrrthday!!!

the number 18; the number for responsibility, adulthood, and maturity. or maybe not quite maturity...but yeah. you get the idea.
i'm perhaps more freaked out than excited about being an adult. you heard of that 'toys 'r' us' theme tune - "i don't wanna grow up, i wanna be a toys 'r' us kid"? well...that's precisely me! as a kid, all you do is eat ice cream for breakfast and wonder if you should play 'mummies and daddies' or draw after lunchtime. mannn life was easy.

but the fact is, life will never be easy, and i gotta say, i'm thankful for the tough times too, especially in these recent years as it is through these situations i realise that God has continually blessed me. i'm thankful that God has known me before i was even born and that He has let me reach this big ole number; i wouldn't even be celebrating my birthday if He didn't decide to create me. my birthday is a celebration of life, and one of which God has given me. - this is the biggest gift i will receive on my birthday. there's so many people to thank too, for nudging me along to where i am now. i'm just pure thankful. *happy tears*

every year i wonder where time passes...literally, it passes at the blink of an eye, just like most adults i've met say. i'm not a child anymore; no "kid"-ing (haha?). i don't feel older, i don't feel like i've suddenly moved on from being a teen, but i do see that i have grown much closer with The Lord these couple of years and really learnt (and still learning) to be a child He wants me to be. so here i am, 18. let's take a look back at my 'childhood' years.

aged 1: swingin' and enjoying life

aged 2: spending much of my childhood with my cousin rita
aged 3: welcoming my sister on board to life

aged 4: still swingin' and enjoying life. mannn i spent my life in the park

aged 8: fruit and veg picking with my grandma and sis

10th birthday in tutus and tiaras.

one of best friends, maisy.

photoshoot with my family at painshill park

meeting up and spending quality time with my cousins

aged 14: decided to get baptised and follow Jesus!

aged 15.

got my first polaroid camera and couldn't wait to get snapping away

a surprise from my cute friends on my 16th.

aged 16: won a young british artists award for my painting and got it displayed at the mall gallery in london!

time to move on from secondary school! :(

my first ever short term mission trip to croatia
aged 17: loved it so much i decided to go again!

present: eating noodles.
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