Sunday, 15 March 2015

life lesson #1: believe.

life is hard. and that's a fact. we're busy revising, working, studying, trying to put food on the table...but we forget that the earth is only turning because God allowed it to. we are only here because He made us so.
so when you come across a tough spot in life...well at least you're not the one having to keep the world spinning or create more humans.

i've reached this spot in life where i am now having to face a lot of choices, and make a lot of choices. from picking sixth forms, to picking the subjects, to now having to pick unis and the course i want to do for the next three years of life.

i have picked my course, law - and even received offers from all 5 of the unis i chose (thank God!). but now what? i still have to decide which one uni i am going to go for, weigh out all the pros and cons, look out for this and that, consider the advice of my friend here and that teacher there.

going back a bit...getting into secondary school was a tough nut for me. it didn't at all go as planned and i ended up going to a school of my 5th choice. it sounds all very pathetic and such a 'first world problem', but the point is...i just felt like the world was crashing on me and i was just plain unlucky. now this bit sounds super cliche....but secondary school didn't turn out as bad as i thought. i met the friends of my life (most who i still keep in contact with!), got so many opportunities for trips and events, and yes...even had an awesome time in education.

my life lesson here? believe. believe and trust in God. who better to leave these uni decisions to than the one who made me and makes the world go round on its axis?! i know it'll come clear soon..and even though it all seems so confusing and brain-exploding right now....i might just learn to relax, believe and see His plans unfold right before me.

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