Monday, 25 May 2015

horniman museum and gardens

after our epic time photo-shooting round sky gardens (click here to see the post), kelly and i ventured out to the glorious horniman museum!

to say the least, it was a mini trek to get to, but i'm proud we arrived in one piece and managed to climb up the hefty hill for some rather nice photos!

not only did we have fun wandering around the gardens, we also went on the animal walk and got a selfie opportunity with two llamas!!

the day was simply gorgeous and we could not have wished for better weather, knowing rainy england! i'm also so pleased we got to explore the grounds, as the last time i visited was on a school trip and all we got to see was the museum with a giant walrus statue.

we originally wanted to visit the aquarium, however we found out we had to pay, and as typical low budget students, we gave that a pass to enjoy the sunshine!

also, have i mentioned how fantastically yummy this vanilla and coconut flavoured propercorn is???

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