Wednesday, 20 May 2015

life lesson #3: second chances

second chances are most of the time good, however exerts much greater pressure on you; you feel the need to do even better this time, and to complete what you missed out on.

second chances are not impossible, but rare, and something you take with gratitude and with relief

second chances are so much more precious.

second chances make you realise your past wrongs, and gives you the ability of hindsight to do even better this time round.

today i got a second chance to retake my maths exam from last year. to say the least, i had a lot more pressure this time round as not only is this my second chance in doing it again, but most probably my last too if i wish to go to uni next year. the pressure is on for the next couple of weeks as i tune out of procrastination (or try), and in to revision!

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  2. Everybody deserves a second chance <3 Lovely post!
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  3. Lovely post and I'm always a believer in second chances as everybody deserves that, especially when your young but grow up to understand things more xx

  4. So right you are about second chances, always good to see things as lessons rather than mistakes <3

    // xx

  5. Don't give up. Sometimes second chances can be even more stressful, but if you put in work, time, & effort, you'll do well. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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