Saturday, 11 July 2015


to say the least, last month had been a full on whirl wind. a typhoon even if you like.
exams were crazy, i was crazy, the amount of caffeine i consumed was crazy. but i'm so glad i've made it alive, and that i'm back to blogging and updating the happier and more chilled-out side of my life!

my posts are outdated and i'll be doing some backtracking for a while, but as exams were over and done with, i went on a cute date with minnie, a friend i had not seen in probably 6 months!

we had this ingenious idea of going bus hopping as buses won't be free for us when we go into uni, and so we hopped onto the first one that stopped outside waterloo station and went on our adventure!

we stopped by at southbank, soaking in the sun and enjoy some splashes in the fountain, and then we were led to liverpool street, at which we proceeded to checking out the beautiful leadenhall market and discovering that a sushi shop i had been wanting to visit was unfortunately closed :( 

that really struck our morale and made us more determined than ever to find sushi for dinner. after visiting 2 wasabi shops and a closed eat tokyo, we finally sat down at the eat tokyo in leicester sq and enjoyed the unusually quiet atmosphere of the restaurant as it is normally quite popular and noisy.

all that walking the whole day got us hungry and for the record, it was my first time finishing up a whole bento box by myself!

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