Monday, 13 July 2015


this is a post dedicated to my skateboarding days. after a good hike with two skateboards, i had been really addicted to this board with four wheels that can get me down a road pretty quick.

after brunch with sooji the day after, i told her i needed a skateboard in my life. so we went to the bentalls centre, took my pick and cashed in for a cute penny board with a wedgewood design engraved on it.

spontaneous much? that's basically my life.

we then left to go hyde park with my new board (who still needs a name) and tried it out, despite the tube strike making it a trek to get into central london.

and so the skateboard adventure continues. the day after i met up with jiwoo and we had a good skate and practise down hogsmill, a quiet little park with a stream. my first fall on my skateboard occurred here, but let's move on.

following that, i got a whatsapp for skating in kingston the next day and went ahead to the skateboard shop where my friend was happy to spend £125 on his before heading to the riverside for a good bit of skating in the sun.

needless to say, i'm loving this skateboard life and i'm most likely on my road to becoming a skater girl. next stop: skateboarding at uni! 

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