Wednesday, 19 August 2015

day out in brighton.

summer is not complete without a day out to the beach, especially if the sun only comes out 1 month out of 12 in england!

as windy as it was at the seafront, the weather was extremely good to us, and i had the pleasure of enjoying a picnic with lok sze whilst listening to the waves crash.

we then went on to exploring the pier and arcades, where it was absolutely packed with people - perhaps who were also trying to get away from the crazy beach wind!

walking around the town in brighton is always fun, it is always packed with colourful houses, happy bunting and novelty shops selling wacky bits and bobs.

we then discovered the beautiful pavilion which was originally a seaside palace for king george iv. this extremely picturesque building attracted many tourists, especially with its mix of chinese and indian elements in its architecture.

we finished our day with a warm meal at itsu before catching the train back. it won't be long till i visit again, brighton!

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