Monday, 24 August 2015

i'm going to uni!!!!!!

two weeks ago i received one of the best news ever. i passed my a levels and i'm accepted into southampton university!! overjoyed was an understatement and even the rain could not make me sad.

i remember that very morning, my friend jan texted me at 6:30am telling me to check my uni status on ucas. i ignored her as 1) it was hella early, and 2) ucas said the website wasn't unavailable till 8am. at 7ish, she texted again telling me she got into southampton and so with my eyes half opened i logged on. a cookies notification popped up, but in the blurred out background, i saw the word congratulations. and so it went from there.

my silly sister trying to dodge the sun in the car
surprising for some, i hadn't actually visited my uni before i applied for it, so this was my first time stepping foot in southampton! some people think stress and luck, i think spontaneity is the way to go. i went with my family and after stopping by at a good value chinese restaurant, we headed to visit my accommodation.

my halls had a great communal feel to it and i liked how the place was so well connected with great transport links (and free wifi on the buses!)

this is the law building which i should be walking in and out of on a daily basis. opposite is a nice cafe with a starbucks which i shall be enjoying on a daily basis too. woooo i think i'm ready!

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