Sunday, 24 July 2016

nottingham 3.

on the last day of our stay in nottingham, yina took us to a contemporary art museum in town.

the space was wonderfully minimalistic and everywhere was made to be instagrammed.

in one of the rooms that we entered, we saw loads of black balls laid on the floor and with loklok being dora the explorer, he climbed up the scaffolding behind us to find that the balls created a cool piece of art.

the layout of these balls were supposed to mimic a labour factory.

other pieces of art included this grand piano which played by itself!

and an interactive piece using coloured lights.

the artist of this mirror used a chemical reaction to create a photo on the surface - you can just about see it on loksze's shirt!

after wandering about the air-con filled rooms, we went to grab lunch at wetherspoons and were headed to the train station.

nottingham, you've been more than good to us especially with your sunny greetings. we'll be back for sure!

back in warwick.

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