Tuesday, 19 July 2016


summer started off with a bang as i headed up to warwick to visit loklok and then travelled to nottingham together to visit yina who's currently studying there. exploring a town when you have someone studying there is seriously the best because it means your accommodation and tour guide is covered.

after running to the train station and catching our train by a mere 1 minute, we spent our journey watching zootopia. once we stepped out into this cute town, we were welcomed by the heat and sunshine. good choice wearing black and black, right?

it was so hot kids were literally swimming in the water fountain!

loksze happened to throw on the same tee as me and we didn't realise we
were matching till we ran out the door - matching cringes me out so much.

yina picked us up with her friend joey and gave us a tour around nottingham's famous landmarks including the "fresher's" lion, which all freshers leap across on a night out, and this funky donut wall (yes they're real. it's a waste of donuts.)

loksze got a quick haircut then we went on our way to grab some pub food for dinner at slug and lettuce (50% off mondays are banging). loksze and i got a asian platter which was definitely well worth the price!

as night time dawned on us, we got into our clubbing gear, and after lining our stomachs we walked for half an hour to get to jane's flat for pre drinks.

from there, loklok and i headed to our first ever abacus event as we never really went clubbing with an asian society before. it was a new experience for one with the speakers booming gangnam style and the whole dance floor going tip top crazy.

we decided to head back to yina's halls ourselves that night as we didn't want to go to the after party. but dudeee catching the taxi back was manic to say the least as we couldn't find a taxi rank and we were unsure of the best taxi rates. at least all the fun hit us and we conked in seconds.

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