Saturday, 8 December 2012

DIY: Photo Garland

After the last DIY post I did, I felt a little more encouraged to make another one, realising it wasn't as daunting to take photos at every step of the project. Today, I have decided to introduce a...

An extremely easy project that will satisfy your home! The only tricky part is probably choosing your most memorable photos of the year. I had always wanted to spruce up the christmas tree with a personal touch and so the idea of adding yearly photographs onto it came about. I think not only is it a good visual representation of the year, but also as a reminder of thanksgiving for such joyous moments and the many blessings I have had these 365 days (kinda, just a few weeks to go!). To make this photo garland, you will need:

To print my photographs out, I used picasa and selected "create a collage" from a folder of my chosen black and white photographs. I then used the "grid" format to arrange 12 photos onto one A4 page, a reasonable size for a mini photograph. You can, of course do it however you like! Cut out the photographs and then recount the happy memories of the year....

When you're done, we start making some awesome paperclips!

These easy-as-pie-cute-papeclips are not made by de-structuring a whole paperclip into a heart shape and not being able to actually use them as paperclips again, but are magically bended so that it works as a normal paperclip but with the added cute heart shape too. The steps are as follows:

1) Take a normal paperclip, coloured or non-coloured, it will look just as cute!
2) Like in the photo, make sure the flicky bit of the paperclip is at the top and pointing towards the right. Holding the middle of the bottom wire, flex upwards towards the left.
3) It should come something like this...
4) Flip the paperclip over and you should have something funny-looking like this. Do you vaguely see the outline of the heart shape?! And you're done - simply use and clip by sliding the photo in the slot, just under the "bottom point" of the heart!

Make a whole string of it by attaching each photo onto a long piece of ribbon. 

Just a few more to go! And then wrap it around your Christmas tree for some added memories of the happy year.

p.s. sorry you had to bear with the iphone pictures, camera had no battery!

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