Saturday, 1 December 2012

Green Tea and Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Firstly, hello December! I've been looking forward to this month of festive celebrations and traditions since last year!

And secondly, oh haven't I just got the most fabi-doo-cious cake to share!

I have instagrammed about this cake previously; the making of it, to the assembling of it and to the eating of it. Pure nom.

The cake is simply made up of two layers of green tea chiffon cake and two layers of strawberry chiffon cake. I have been on the hunt for a strawberry chiffon cake that uses real strawberries, not flavouring or colouring - uh-huh. And I'm so glad I managed to fall upon this recipe. Real strawberries is what I wanted to see. It says to use a strawberry paste but I wasn't able to find any when I decided to make this cake at the very last minute. Luckily, the strawberry flavour does shine through ever so vaguely and you get a hint of its berriness.

I'm so pleased that both cakes came out of the oven so successful - both cakes were so light and spongey and when cut, had the lovely contrast between the two colours; natural pink and green colours.

As I had to travel all the way to central London with the cake, I could not possibly use a whip cream topping I normally go for with chiffon cakes. Therefore, it calls for the instant angel delight pudding. I have chosen to use a strawberry flavoured one to emphasise on the vague strawberry sponge and also for its bright colour. I have also previously used it for this birthday cake! And to top it all off, I added some fruit flakes to it :P

Happy Birthday to my dearest Grandma

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