Thursday, 6 December 2012

Insta-thursty: Week 3

It has been such an encouraging Thursday today, finally receiving my piano exam results that I had been worrying about here. Well, aren't I just glad to announce that I have PASSED my exam, with a MERIT! I'm so so glad, and dearly thank God for this. Here's my week, instagram style!

The whimsical feathers of cloud

The beautiful sunset I love to watch

Covent gardens, London with my cousin and sister in the harsh but festive weather

Tree and lights are officially up this week, the Christmas spirit is officially ruling the house!

Completing my art homework and indulging in my sesame macarons at the same time (recipe to follow up soon!)

and lastly, my exam certificate that just arrived this afternoon :)

Thank you God for such a blessed week!


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