Monday, 4 March 2013


The sun rises, the sun sets. Days come and go. For me, I expect this month to fly by very quickly with exams fast approaching. I am slowly discovering the beauty of nature as spring is just a turn round the corner - the daffodils in the garden are slowly poking their heads out and the sun says goodbye a bit later on in the evening. I wake up in the mornings and the pain of turning on the lights to wake me up is not needed anymore as the sun is already beaming through the window.

I wanted to share a few images I took of the sky this week. Recently, I have been quite engaged in snapping a few shots of the sky - there's a sunset everyday, but it makes a different appearance each evening and every sunset is so unique. I always feel the urge to capture the roaring sky, taking out my camera every five minutes as I find that a different pattern is painted in the sky in just the time space of a few minutes; it never fails to amaze me.

Daily, I would come home from school and after a bit of snacking, get to the bottom of my pile of work. As time swiftly goes by, I would realise the sky unleashing streaks of red and tones of orange. I always take a pause as I soak in the beauty of the sky. If you see me on instagram, you would know I am a big fan of those beautiful skies I see in the midst of working hard. I really hope that in the next couple of weeks where there may be less freedom in how I use my time after school, I can still take a breath away from it all whenever the fiery sky reveals itself :) 

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  1. thank you for taking a peek on my blog!
    I am super glad that I may found your blog, those photos are amazing and really made my day. I can't help not to click the join this site button.

    would you like to follow each other? I have followed yours

    1. Aww, you're too kind! Sure, why not?! Thanks so much! X


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