Saturday, 30 March 2013

DIY: paper flowers

DIY paper lavenders -

Do you remember these little pretty things? Well I have finally got together a DIY post for it! They are uber simple to make and look so delicate and dainty. 

DIY paper lavenders -

I'm thinking of making a bunch for a baptism next week too - it's not very often you get pretty flowers made from paper!

DIY paper lavenders -

I came across this cute DIY from pinterest, where most of my time goes. I could not bear to pass it without cutting a bit of my own paper! 

DIY paper lavenders -

Supplies: coloured paper (purple and green here!), scissors, gluestick, green wire.

I guess the pictures are quite self-explanatory, but here's a few steps!

1) cut a 7cm x 21 cm strip from the coloured paper. Split into three sections whilst keeping the piece of paper intact.
2) make tight rolls on each of the three sections.
3) make small equal cuts to make frills.
4) cut a bit of green wire and glue and wrap the frills around it.
5) cut a zig zag shape from green paper and twist around the green wire.
6) tra-da! If you make a bunch of them, you might want to tie a bit of tissue paper and ribbon around it!

DIY paper lavenders -

What do you think of them? Flower that will never wilt!

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  1. haii! I really love the DIY that you post. thank you for inspiring me!

  2. woohoo, gonna make one too,, thanks for sharing :D


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