Monday, 22 September 2014

around london with my family.

my relatives (including my 84 year old grandma!) came to visit us from hong kong last week. although their stay wasn't long, we managed to tour them around london and have our moments of laughs and chats at dinner time nearly every night (going out on a school night, i know!)

st.pauls cathedral

we went round to st pauls, the millenium bridge, around tower bridge and finished off with a korean meal this particular day. 

though i've walked past this place many times and ate korean many times, it's so much happier when i'm with my family, especially these ones who i haven't seen for about 6 years. 
tower hill

korean dinner

it was a good time of catching up and chilling together. cos we all forget to chill as we get older.  

full moon selfies!

we even got to spend mid-autumn festival together! - also known as the festival celebrating the full moon with all your family. this was really quite special as we don't get to come round together this often. this makes me awesome is it that worldwide, we are all looking at the same moon..and that when the chinese celebrate mid-autumn festival, they're all taking pictures with that same moon. just a ponder!

and here's a selfie with my beloved grandma and a polaroid the day we had to say goodbye ;(
seeya soon!!

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