Saturday, 20 September 2014

Go Ape

a few weeks back, i got to tick off an item from my bucket list - to go 'go ape'.
after my dad went for a team building activity last year with his colleagues (i know, 40 grown men climbing trees), he came back to challenge me to swing off a rope a few feet from the ground.

challenge accepted. 

i gathered my tribe - a bunch of kids and a couple of adults, cos us intelligently mature young ones still require adult supervision.

there were 11 of us, and it became apparent that our friendships grew stronger after this day.

we learnt to encourage, to help, to cheer and to motivate. 
it's safe to say there were two members of our FEARLESS tribe who were afraid of heights. but no doubt our tweaks of encouragement helped them see the whole course through and everyone completed with smiles on their face :) (hungry too.) 

another brilliant thing about go ape is that it is set in the beautiful tree tops amongst the bugs and leaves. if you're scared of spiders, you'll meet a few along the way. but come anyway, it'll be worth it.

there were 5 courses in total, and each finished with a zip wire. the last zip wire being the tallest, longest and most thrilling of all! ya know that phrase 'it's hard to start, but once you get into it, it's fine'? jumping off the teeny wooden platform was the hard part in this case. but you'll be totally fine when you breeze across the forest - scream if you're not.

post signatureand here's us cheery folks - completed and ever so happy we monkeyed around and got a glimpse of tarzan's life. 

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