Friday, 19 September 2014

happy birthday dear sis.....

my dear baby sister is not so baby anymore...yesterday was her 15th birthday; she's in year 10, grade 8 on piano and knows how to do her hair better than me. did you know she could also ball girl?

as a little surprise..(cos we all love surprises thaaaat much), my family and i decided to treat her to a ukulele! as a musical genius and one with many talents, the photo on the right hand side says it all! ^

the gorgeous lady with the new addition to the family!

to celebrate, we went out to dine at pizza express! ordering about 3 large pizzas in total, pesto pasta, salmon risotto and their must-have doughballs! mmhmmm...

love you hunny, wishing you a fruitful year ahead and that your music talent will be used to bless others. lots of love x

and here's a complimentary pic of my parents trying to cut up pizzas.

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