Wednesday, 1 April 2015

birthday celebrations #18

last tuesday was my big 18th birthday! no, i don't feel much different if i'm being honest. but hey, i was treated like a princess and mannnn i don't mind that at all ;)

my cute friend jan bought me the most beautifully decorated (and personalised) cake! how she carried it to school without damaging it, i don't know! it was the most scrummiest light sponge cake sandwiched with cream from her uncle's shop, but to my surprise it was egg-less too! must look in to this for when i'm feeling a cake but run out of eggs :P

ickle bday selfie with lottie, who's birthday is exactly a month after mine!

never a normal picture with ma bibimbap!

jan jan!!

i've got to admit, i am no pro at cutting cakes as much as i bake nearly every week. this picture ^ here? yeah a lump of cream just fell off as i cut into the beautifully piped decoration so i just tried to laugh it off.

and back at home, well my lovely family was waiting to greet me with all their wishes. i was especially touched by my mumma's efforts to get me flowers, a balloon, cake, banners, "18" accessories and food after going to work. i love you mum!

i also came home to cards which had been posted through my letter box, party rings from my sister (how thoughtful), lots of hugs and kisses from dad, and delightful messages from friends and even my family whatsapp group which included my grandparents!

this year for lent, i had given up facebook so wasn't able to look at any of my posts on my wall yet, so they'll be waiting for me! 
despite this, i am already very overwhelmed by all the love i was bombarded with this birthday, and it is a real blessing that i have all these friends and family around me; life just wouldn't be the same! their love is only a fraction of God's love for me (meaning God's love must be h-u-g-e), and i am so happy that i am a child of His, and that He has chosen to be my father. 

psalm 118:24.    This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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