Tuesday, 14 April 2015

pizza making and friends.

our renovation work in the house has finally been completed!!! praise the lord!! though there are still some bits and pieces left to be done, the majority is out of the way and i was able to invite some friends over during the easter for...you guessed it...more birthday celebrations! (18 is a big number yano ;))

dyu know bout the cheesy crusts?

dinner is always a hard one if you want to entertain your friends and accommodate everyone's palettes simultaneously. so i came up with the idea of pizza making for dinner! i rounded it off easily with a bowl of pasta and some salad and ta-da, something for everyone!

the pizza dough base recipe was obtained from the martha stewart website and worked out fabi-docious. i made two batches of dough just to be sure we had enough food, and mannnn did we end up with about 8 pizzas, lots of dough balls (perfect with pesto) and a few chicken bites!

for toppings, i had a quick pop to tesco and came back with tomato puree, LOTS of cheese, sausages (the big fatty ones), bacon, sweetcorn, ham, chicken pieces, meatballs, peppers, salad leaves, spinach and mushrooms.
the result? a food coma with my new bday toy sloth and a mega pizza feast which filled us up so much we had no room for ice cream....

the evening consisted of more snacking, banagrams, some polaroids and many crazy games of wii tennis. wow have i missed having friends over.

and here's to many more fab pizzas!

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