Sunday, 5 April 2015

birthday celebrations cont. #18

school finished for the easter holidays on friday and so my school friends and i decided on a little lunch at a restaurant called dimt by tower bridge, london.

our route had not been carefully planned as none of us had actually been before, but after a few changes on the train, hopping on and off the tube, the overground and a bit of walking later, we made it in one piece!

learning how to use chopsticks

dimt is a whimsical little restaurant which serves oriental food including dimsum, noodles, rice and other popular asian dishes. the staff were ever so friendly, offering to take our group pictures and even forks, as the majority of our little cultured group did not know how to hold chopsticks! 

we had a mixture of noodle dishes, seabass, prawn crackers, egg fried rice and beef dishes. and wow did they all taste so good! we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a blast just chit-chatting away from the school environment.

highlights of our lunch included busting out a scientific calculator to work out our individual bill, and checking out the toilets like a tourist attraction, after one of us went and told us how awesome it looked.

and check out the view of this perfectly situated restaurant! right in the heart of london, and with a beautiful outlook onto tower bridge and the river. we were literally dining in front of this! shame we weren't sitting right next to the window, but i'm sure i'll be back just to do that!

polaroids of the day

we then hung around and walked off our full bellies: taking some polaroids in front of the bridge and being mistaken as tourists, and then selfie-ing with lenny the sheep.

and look at all these linear compositions from the area, love love love!

this was such an awesome end to the term, and i'm so glad i got to hang around with these girls before exams strike.

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