Saturday, 19 March 2016

skating with the boyz.

monday evening was a quiet one for us in s block as no one was going out, but didn't feel like doing work either as it was the last week of term.
cereal texted me asking to borrow some vaseline for his chapped lips, and when he came into my room saw my penny board on the floor so decided to take it out for a skate.
the funniest accidental picture taken on my polaroid.

skate gAnG

we called out some of the boyz from cereal's slipper to join us outside in the car park (bear in mind this was at midnight and temperatures felt like they were sub zero)

i decided to take my new camera out for a quick spin too to test out its quality in low light settings, and i was quite pleased with these edgy skaterrrr pics!

none of these boys can surprisingly skate, but we did the best to capture au naturale photos.

we also started doing some parkour with the skateboard, and yes, joe rolled over a shrub and cereal smashed into a bush.

top floor in s block is where its at. choosing to move out from home and into halls may just well be one of the best decisions i've made in life. there's never a dull moment here, i've met some amazing people, and something is always on every hour of the day....

....every hour as in fire alarms being set off at 5am.

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