Friday, 11 March 2016

warwick ---> southampton.

on thursday night, loklok made another trip down to southampton before easter! we didn't do much that evening except eat loads of fish fingers, hash browns and chicken dippers. 
it was good to see each other so soon, and being in a long-distance really does make you appreciate every opportunity you get to be with each other :)

after cooking some noodles for breakfast and being pulled to my contract tutorial on friday, i met loklok at tesco to do our groceries and then went back to make some beef and pepper udon noodles.

friday was my flatmate gabs' birthday, and on saturday it would be kyall's and so we decided to head out to switch (my fave club) to go enjoy a good night with them all.

loklok invited my mum to a switch event on facebook to get two free shots.

unfortunately my girl friend nikki went home this weekend :( and so i had to rep us two ladies among this humungous group of 20 guys. at least loklok almost counts as my girl friend!!

i could easily say that this was THE best night out in southampton with these guys. the music was liveeeee, the atmosphere was madddd and everyone had so much fun! loklok also got on really well with all my mates and everyone enjoyed his company which was awesome!

after being at switch for shutdown (literally it was 4am and we were still dancing), we struggled to get a taxi but made it back home in one piece. as everyone was so drunk, two fire alarms from our block and our opposite block was set off resulting in everyone freezing in the 0 degree weather for 15 minutes.  

we snuggled back inside to hang on the stairs with the lads before ordering pizza at 5am and singing happy birthday to kyall as it was well and truly officially saturday!

the next day we woke up incredibly late of course. we made a big english breakfast and watched movies and youtube before being called by the lads to go shisha.

it was great fun knowing these guys more and enjoying their 'lad jokes'. i've also become obsessed with the face swap on snapchat - it is just so damn hilarious lmao.

glimpse of uni kitchens.

we came back at 11pm and cooked our dinner - chicken curry. it was the most satisfying and tastiest thing ever after coming in from the cold.

on sunday, we made some honey dumplings before i headed out to church for worship practice whilst loklok chilled in costa.
the sermon at church was pretty interesting today - the topic was stealing; particularly in the modern world sometimes you don't even realise you're committing a crime as it is so easy to just download a song off youtube or stream a movie!

we had to do an all nighter on sunday night again as loklok's coach was at 6:20am.

it was so so cold when we stepped out and the air literally felt like ice on my face. i'm glad though however that the sun is coming out much earlier now! coming back, i managed to enjoy the sunrise, before jumping into bed at 7am and a lecture at 2pm!

my sleeping pattern is almost non-existent to say the least.

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