Tuesday, 8 March 2016

sunday funday.

after zunen's party on saturday evening and getting home far too late for an early rise for church, loksze and i resorted to camping in mcdonalds for the morning with a good cuppa and a gloriously satisfying cheesy mcmuffin.

this recently renovated wall in soho mcdonalds had such a nice texture to it i couldn't resist but do a quick photoshoot in mcdonalds.

^^^ matching nails and a coat - that's when you know you have your life together.

after church and catching up with all my brothers and sisters, i headed off to see my grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousin and my family in chinatown for some dimsum. i hadn't eaten this good in a while and my tummy was so damn happy. 

i also got a chance to catch up with my cousin rita who i hadn't seen in a while except on snapchat.

i then hopped over to wetherspoons in a scurry as etain is back in london! they had just finished dining and so i joined them for a good chit chat sesh along with birthday girl karen, yas, katrina and loksze.

after seeing these beautiful smiley faces, loklok and i decided to join them for hillsong where we attended a second service before heading back to church to see some bros and play card games.

as loksze had to catch his train back to warwick at half 8, we went for an early dinner at wasabi.

though i got to admit i was a bit disappointed from the extremely overcooked salmon, eating hot food when it is so cold outside really is comforting.

and as for me, i headed back to southampton on monday morning amidst the rush hour. 
see you in easter, london! 

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