Tuesday, 5 April 2016

easter monday, family and friends.

palm trees in the back garden, no way!

since coming back to london for easter, it has been a pure whirlwind of meeting up with friends and family, and celebrating that Jesus has risen from the dead!

as a family, we spent easter monday visiting our friends in richmond, near kew gardens. they had just renovated and moved into their new house and it has been so long since we have met up.

the kids were incredibly cute, each with their own bubbly personalities. they love their independence, so much so this little girl insisted on eating wasabi flavoured seaweed and hugely regretted the aftereffects. 

we toured around their very neat, stylish, rustic and modern house and was served with a very filling and comforting meal for lunch.

i have sure missed fellowshipping as families as i'm around uni students most of the time these days. i thank God for today and let us not forget the true meaning of easter!

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