Friday, 8 April 2016

easter sunday.

for some reason, i had written up my easter monday post before my easter sunday one, so here's just a note to say that i'm totally sane and, and despite my lack of sleep i do remember that sunday comes before monday.

on easter sunday last week, i met up with loklok early in the morning and we went for a wetherspoon breakfast instead of the usual maccydees. 

we always marvel at perfectly poach our eggs, but we are still in the midst of mastering this skill. i have no doubts however, on the fact that our obsession for eggs and cheese has really bonded us as a couple.

after attending our easter service at soho, i met up with etain and selina for lunch at wetherspoons yet again and then went on a shopping spree with loklok in covent garden. unfortunately most of the shops were closed as it was a public holiday, but in the few shops we managed to walk into, we discovered this amazing mirrored shop!

happy easter everyone!

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