Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Matcha bubblies~

Nom. or shall I say "gulp"? These matcha bubblies are perrr-fect for those hydrating afternoons. I know its quite wrong saying that seeing as I live in England with the everlasting rain. However, the day has been surprisingly sunny today so I've made my very own matcha bubble tea!

 Those of you that do not know what bubble tea is - you're missing out! no worries though; I'll fill you in :)
 Bubble tea is basically a drink originating from Tawian back in the 80's! - can you believe it?! They were originally served as tea but is now available in many flavours - hooray!! I know, it doesn't sound very interesting - even Waitrose's juice has different flavours apart from orange and apple, right?!

BUT it is a complete different story. They have little chewy tapiocaballs, also known as pearls. They are mostly found in black but I came across a multi-colour version which is great for sprucing up a fantastic drink like this!

I don't exactly have a recipe for this as I kinda splashed together a few ingredients of mine to get a quick drink. But it follows the lines of ...

1) making the tapioca balls, following the instructions on the packet
2) mixing some matcha powder with milk (add matcha to taste)
3) adding some icing sugar to taste to sweeten the drink
4) placing the tapioca balls in
3) Topping with some squirty cream, sprinkling on some sprinkles and finishing off with a tapioca ball on the top!

For some more variations you could try using almond milk or soya milk instead of fresh milk, spicing it up with cinnamon or some ground ginger, adding cut pieces of fruit....the list goes on! have fun ;)

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